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πŸ•˜ May 12, 2023 |πŸ“ Coast Coal Harbour Hotel, Vancouver, BC

GSBC Solutions Ltd is a pioneering startup comprising multidisciplinary engineering and technology experts specializing in Big Data, AI, IoT, Geology, Materials, and Construction technologies.

Driven by the ambition to establish ourselves as frontrunners in integrating cutting-edge technologies into the realm of Green Building Management, our team of experts consistently keeps pace with the latest advancements through ongoing Research and Development (R&D) activities. These initiatives form the core of our Green & Sustainable Building Management solutions, ensuring they remain at the forefront of innovation.
Our commitment extends beyond staying informed about technological breakthroughs. Our leadership is dedicated to continuous learning and expanding our network of partners and potential customers. With the goal of devising groundbreaking solutions to address global challenges in Green Construction and Building Management, emphasizing environmental friendliness and sustainability, we prioritize forging connections and cultivating partnerships with Universities and leading experts across diverse disciplines.
In a recent noteworthy professional event, Mr. Ngoc-Bao Nguyen (Robert), one of our co-founders, participated in a symposium hosted by The Canadian Geotechnical Society titled β€œThe Pile Foundations Technologyβ€œ, featured the latest civil engineering techniques presented and facilitated by Dr. Professor Bengt H. Fellenius from the University of Ottawa. Dr. Fellenius is an internationally recognized authority in soil mechanics and foundation engineering.

Images include: Mr. Robert Nguyen, co-founder of GSBC Solutions Ltd., who was in “The Pile Foundations” symposium on May 12th, 2023

  • Mr. Robert Nguyen, co-founder of GSBC Solutions Ltd., in a symposium by The Canadian Geotechnical Society

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