Built Green Canada Declares June 7 Green Building Day – with a Call for Municipality Support

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EDMONTON, AB, June 7, 2023 /CNW/ – In conjunction with National Environment Week, Built Green Canada encourages municipalities to recognize the first Wednesday of June (June 7) Green Building Day. The intention is to raise awareness and support for sustainable building practices—recognizing industry leaders already doing so and encouraging others who aren’t that far along in their journey towards climate mitigation.

Built Green Canada wants to celebrate those building more sustainably and hopes municipalities too will recognize those building beyond code requirements. For municipalities committed to encouraging more sustainable communities, this is an opportunity to recognize industry leaders and create greater alignment with industry and government—in the local community and beyond.

There are many ways municipalities can show their support: proclaim June 7 Green Building Day, through their website and socials using hashtag: #GreenBuildingDay; in their speaking notes, whether doing formal presentations or in day-to-day meetings; sending emails to colleagues; adding to their municipality’s National Environment Week programming; and shining a light on those in their community who are building beyond code requirements, and if this is unknown, take a few moments to find out—whatever works.

“Whether a municipality or builder, working in a community that has adopted 9.36 of building code, Energy Step Code, Energy Tier Code, or another, through the Energy & Envelope section of our programs, we can help ensure compliance,” says Built Green’s Chief Executive Officer, Jenifer Christenson. “Through this section of our programs, we offer pathways to enable improvements and alignment with building code, then go beyond to include other key aspects of sustainability—including the preservation of natural resources, reduction of pollution, ventilation and air quality, home durability, and more. It is here, in this culmination of critical areas, that builders find that important differentiator and where we can assist municipalities in their climate mitigation goals.”

In the meantime, days before National Environment Week, Averton’s Midtown community achieved BUILT GREEN® Community certification for its first phase. Averton was the first developer to enrol in Built Green Canada’s Communities pilot and is the second to receive this certification.

Midtown is the result of an exhaustive design process, centered on their view of the community as an ecosystem. Underpinning their business philosophy is an inclusive approach that goes beyond aesthetics, to understanding an area’s culture and geography to create better places to live.

Located in St. Albert’s southwest corner, close to Edmonton city limits, Midtown is a 45-acre, master-planned community that will offer a diverse range of housing types and everyday convenience. From distinct architectural forms, it’s a mix of for-sale and rental residences, alongside open-space and street design that prioritizes age diversity, safety, and general accessibility.

The community honours people by carefully considering how they experience every day, with numerous shared spaces to gather, plus innovative traffic calming and reduced speed limits. Meanwhile, Midtown’s location allows connection to nature, amid a trail system, and features acres and acres of walkable conveniences and neighbourhood amenities. It has already won awards through BILD and CHBA, including Alberta’s Best New Community, Edmonton’s Best New Community, and was recently recognized as International Project of the Year!

St. Albert Mayor Cathy Heron says, “We are pleased to see Averton’s Midtown community receive its BUIILT GREEN® certification for phase one. Midtown is well aligned with the City of St. Albert’s residents who want their trees, a healthy Sturgeon River, and vibrancy. The community is situated close to nature with the Red Willow Trail extending in every direction, and its design will enable a healthy lifestyle, encourage wellness, while featuring many shared spaces for neighbours and visitors to gather.”

Meanwhile, the first Community certification was awarded in spring of 2021—Spring Creek received certification for Phase One of their Spring Creek Mountain Village in Canmore, Alberta.

Built Green Canada is a non-profit organization that provides programs for single family, high density, renovations, restorations, communities, and small commercial—each BUILT GREEN® program opens another door for industry committed to sustainability and the verification that comes with third-party certification. This non-profit organization began in 2003, and has grown its representation to include Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Ontario. Builders have completed over 45,860 BUILT GREEN® certified single family, multi-family, and high density homes (as at December 31, 2022).

Source: Built Green Canada