Townhomes The Residential Site in North Vancouver – Our first site survey

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🕘 18-Nov 2022 |📍 Townhomes North Vancouver

Today, we embarked on our inaugural visit to a residential construction site in North Vancouver. This marked our first significant survey in collaboration with Mr. Tommy Cao, an electrical engineer and site manager at Anthem Properties Group Ltd.During our discussion with Mr. Cao, we gained invaluable insights that will guide us in continuing to develop the best products tailored to our market’s needs. Mr. Cao offered a thorough overview of the residential construction landscape in Vancouver, shedding light on the unique challenges faced by Canadian homeowners. We observed notable distinctions between the residential building markets in Canada and those in South-East Asia, with which we were previously more acquainted. These fresh perspectives have sparked innovative ideas for our future solutions and will shape our product development strategy for the Canadian market in the months ahead.

Images include Mr. Tommy Cao, Electrical Site Manager at Anthem Properties Group Ltd, alongside Mr. Robert Nguyen and Mr. Harley Bach, co-founders of GSBC Solutions Ltd., at the TownHomes construction site.

  • Mr Tommy Cao (on the left) and Mr Robert Nguyen (on the right)
  • TownHomes residential site
  • TownHomes Site Plan
  • TownHomes Site Plan
  • Mr Harley Bach and Mr Robert Nguyen, co-founders of GSBC Solutions Ltd.

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